While maintenance is absolutely essential to ensure safe and healthy working conditions and prevent harm, the maintenance work itself involves exposure to several hazards for the maintenance worker. We all know that both employers and employees have responsibilities with regard to possible work related hazards – the report indicates that many European employers and employees, insurers and authorities have developed a number of new and innovative approaches to the tackling of hazards associated with maintenance work. The factors crucial for the successful prevention of risks during maintenance are discussed in detail.

Several examples presented in this report show that careful planning of maintenance is a crucial element to minimise the risks for the maintenance workers themselves, for other workers and for the public. Several companies have set up management systems to ensure in-depth planning and coordination of work, assessing risks for maintenance tasks, effective communication between production and maintenance staff, ensuring training and checking the competence of all involved, putting in place safe systems of work, and the effective scheduling of maintenance to minimise downtime while ensuring that sufficient time and resources are available for the activity.