This is worth a read! jkellyWe’re delighted to be able to announce that Jim Kelly has published a new book – Planning and Controlling Projects.


Jim lives and works in Cork, Ireland and like many maintenance professionals found himself thrust into the maelstrom of “projects” as part of his everyday role. Great for the rest of us that he shares with us in this book all his learnings and the real, practical & pragmatic tools he uses for keeping projects on track.

This book presents a logical way to plan and control any project; whether you are introducing a new piece of software, changing your business processes or upgrading a piece of equipment. Since all of us maintenance professionals do manage projects, of various sizes, with either one person or many more on the project team, this book will ensure you deliver what you set out to and your project success rate is assured.

Hey, can’t be bad! Well Done Jim!
Happy to recommend, wishing Jim great success with this and don’t be shy – Here is the link to buy – we did!