Mainnovation Business Experience (MBE) a huge success. We are already looking forward to the next one!! 
So, for the first time in Ireland, the Maintenance Business Event was held in Dublin last week, in conjunction with Mainnovation. Places were strictly by invitation only and we had our four teams on the day battling it out to win the prize of “Most Valuable Maintenance Organisation”.
The day begins with a really testing task for the maintenance professionals – trying to come up with a witty, innovative yet punchy team name – oh we were great at that alright. We got “The Boys in Green”, “Pink Mania”, “Brazil” and “Blue Sky”.


Round one is a lot of information coming at you (some of it is “noise” just like everyday life) and each team has to calculate the Value Driver and set up the maintenance strategy and organisation to realise the most value.


There are four Value Drivers ( Cost, Availability, SH &E, MRO Resource Allocation) and in each round, depending on the set of circumstances, each team must decide which one to concentrate on as it will deliver the most value for the business.


Dire start for the “Boys in Green” (let’s hope it isn’t an omen for Euro2012) who actually destroyed value of about Euro 1.5m! Blue Sky stormed in to the lead.
And so we had four rounds, each one containing different information and at the end, there was only Euro65k in the difference between First and Second – close one!
Congratulations to “The Boys in Green” who came out on top – let’s hope that is an omen!


Here is what you guys had to say… 

“Thanks again for inviting me to this event it really was very enjoyable and useful.”

“I would like to thank you sincerely for the invitation to the Maintenance Business Experience event. It was a very impressive and informative event. I enjoyed the exercises and the learning’s were very relevant to what we all strive for in Maintenance.” 

“I just wanted to send a quick note to say how I really enjoyed the day as I obtained some invaluable experience from attending and the people I met.

It gave me a real insight into the effectiveness of maintenance excellence, VDM and establishing the drivers that provide this in a cost effective manner. ”