MEETA is the Irish Society for Maintenance and Reliability Practitioners. The awards are held in Engineers Ireland, Ballsbridge, Dublin and they promote and encourage world-class standards of maintenance and reliability engineering and management.

(Previous winners include Hewlett Packard, Alkermes and us!).
Friday 16th Nov. is the MEETA National Maintenance Conference and …….

  • The theme is “Turning Points – from Surviving to Thriving” and will focus on strategies, tools and actions to realign and progress.
  • Main paper will be Tor Idhammar on “Selling Maintenance to top management”.
  • Other papers include PAS55/ISO55000 by one of its architects Rhys Davies, and “Turning Points” – a story of success and certain frustrations by Paul Ludorf of Rottapharm, a meeta award winner
  • Toolbox Talks will each demonstrate a particular turning point, and will be presented as Caring (Reliability/Safety), Sharing (how to get out of trouble), Sparing (how to cut costs without the baby and bathwater syndrome), and Comparing (can’t be the best without knowing about the rest).