Rottapharm is victorious in two categories at the European Strategic Manufacturing Awards held recently in Dusseldorf.

  1. Outstanding Achievement in Continuous Improvement Award
  2. Factory Hall of Fame Award

ESS Ltd worked closely with Rottapharm on this program of change which ultimately proved to be very fruitful.

Here is how Technical Manager Paul Ludorf described the Rottapharm experience of working with ESS Ltd.
Rottapharm is very proud of its success at the recent European Strategic Manufacturing Awards as recognition of our Continuous Improvement efforts. One of our foundation ‘enabling tools’ has been TPM. Our ongoing partnership with ESS Ltd has made a solid contribution to these achievements. In 2010 along with help from ESS, we initiated a TPM Program, which we call Total Productive Manufacturing to emphasise the implied and necessary teamwork between Production and Maintenance. 

We would like to acknowledge the role ESS has played in our success and hope that our relationship will continue long into the future. 

Paul Ludorf


Dave Riley of ESS Ltd sets out how these improvements were achieved:
We wanted Rottapharm to avoid some of the common pitfalls and give direction as how to best improve competitiveness by integrating improvement activities into the day to day GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) tasks within the plant. Our approach included the following steps:


  • Initial TPM Practitioner’s ‘hands-on’ training workshops
  •  TPM Pilot project Launches and subsequent Roll-out Planning & Program Governance
  •  Middle and Senior Management TPM ‘Champion’ coaching
  •  Focussed Improvement Activities such as 5S Workplace Organisation, Area Clearances/Precision Changeovers, Early Equipment Management and more recently, Total Productive Administration in the Manufacturing support functions.
  •  Regular evidenced based top down and bottom up TPM Audit and Review Processes.

Dave Riley

Ess Ltd