Eirdata HVAC 2013Last week, Tuesday 9th April 2013, ESS Ltd. completed the acquisition of Eirdata Environmental Services Ltd. whose main business is the provision of pharmaceutical Cleanroom, HVAC and Validation Services primarily to the pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors.

We’re delighted to be able to add these range of specialist services to our own and looking forward to building on their success.

What Eirdata do (summary below)

Validation Services

  • HEPA filter testing
  • Air change rate verification
  • Cleanroom validation including airborne particulate monitoring
  • Temperature, humidity and room pressure control validation
  • Light level surveys
  • Noise level surveys
  • Air flow validation
  • LAF unit validation
  • Laboratory fume cupboard maintenance and validation
  • Water flow validation

Maintenance Services:

  • All AHU work including belts, bearings, filters, dampers and associated control valves and instrumentation
  • Calibration of all types of HVAC instruments including temperature, humidity, pressure and flow
  • Electrical maintenance of motors, starters, variable speed drives and associated equipment
  • Testing and troubleshooting Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Duct inspection