The MEETA National Maintenance Conference is on Friday 22nd Nov. 2013.

ESS will be there as our Managing Director is chairing the conference as well as presenting a short paper on ISO55000, the new ISO standard on Asset Management. The theme of this year’s conference is “Facing Risk with Confidence.”

The presentations will address risk and confidence in Asset Management from equipment reliability to people performance to regulatory requirements. The main papers will be augmented by TOOLBOX TALKS – short presentations of topical issues and useful tools that are designed as takeaways for easy application.

The programme is designed so delegates will be able to use and apply the tools, knowledge and learnings presented to make a contribution that will greatly benefit their organisations.

• “Facing up to Failure”, Jerry Larkin, GE Healthcare

• “Performing Under Pressure”, Ray McKiernan, Stress Management Institute of Ireland

• “Risk and Statutory Inspection”, John Colreavy, Chartered Engineer, Health & Safety Authority

•” TOOLBOX TALK: ISO 55 000 update”, Ray O’Neill, ESS

• “TOOLBOX TALK: No Reward Without Risk”, John Coleman, Rusal

• “TOOLBOX TALK: Motor Condition Monitoring”, Geoff Walker, Artesis

• “TOOLBOX TALK: The Confident Maintenance Leader”,  Reg Friddle, Preferred Coaching and Development