The amount of newly trained fitters & electricians, toolmakers and other trades available for employment here in Ireland is tiny (if any could actually be found at all).

It probably isn’t too extreme to say that no one has trained anyone in the last six to seven years. (Do you know any apprentices?)

What has happened though is that skilled, experienced maintenance people have either taken early retirement, redundancy, new career paths or emigrated. Those that are left are, like us all, getting older (we estimate average age is mid 50’s) and where are the replacements going to come from?

This presents a problem for all manufacturing industry as it is our experience that there is currently a shortage of people with “the right skills” here in Ireland………..and  unfortunately it isn’t getting any better.

We believe the only way to solve this skills shortage is to train people in our customers facilities so that they get the right skills mix for your specific equipment.

See our approach as attached below  to solving the “ticking time bomb” of skills shortages

Apprentice Info for Customers