“We have had a very busy 2 weeks and it’s a credit to all that the plant is now back ready for manufacturing on Tuesday morning.

Over the course of the 2 weeks there has been a considerable amount of maintenance works completed, ranging from complete electrical power down on the first Saturday to cleaning of canteen grease trap on the last day. The tasks completed by all are too numerous to list, but in order to have the plant ready for next Tuesday a considerable amount of additional hours were required by a large number of people.

A specific mention for Bryan who co-ordinated the day to day activities and other than a few contractors not turning up when expected, it all went according to plan.

In conjunction with maintenance works there were a number of project modifications required to ensure smooth introduction of new products during the remainder of FY14 and improvements in general to the site.

On behalf of the Management team I wish to thank all for your efforts in completing the maintenance and project programs while ensuring that the 2 weeks passed without any serious incidents.  

For those on holidays next week….. enjoy the well deserved break…for those of us not so lucky…..normal service resumes on Tuesday.”