The government report “Future Skills Requirements of the manufacturing sector 2020” confirmed what most of us already know – there have been  significant declines in Manufacturing Apprenticeships.


What ESS can do for you.

At ESS we believe the only way to solve this skills Shortage is to train people in our customer facilities so they get the right skill mix for your specific equipment.

In order to do, this we have an Apprenticeship Managed Service for our customers.  This is for following crafts:

  1. The Craft of Electrical Instrumentation
  2. The Craft of Mechanical Automation and Maintenance Fitting.

We will advertise, source and recruit apprentices in these trades to work in your facility.


The Benefits of hiring an apprentice

  1. Apprenticeship courses are based on uniform, pre-specified and industry agreed standards.
  2. Apprenticeship courses comply with current and future needs of the chosen occupation.
  3. Through the systematic development and assessment of skills, knowledge and competencies, apprentices become more productive and reach efficient worker standards more quickly.
  4. Develop new recruits to meet your needs.
  5. Give your team new skills and energy.
  6. Fill Your Skills Gaps


The Benefits of using ESS Ltd for Apprenticeship programs

    1. We will manage all aspects of the Apprenticeship program for you.
    2. You will only pay when the apprentice is actually on site
    3. We will advertise, source, recruit and employ an apprentice or apprentices in trades selected by you, to work in your facility.
    4. We will happily involve you in this selection process should you require.
    5. We will provide the subject matter expert in ESS in each craft. This person must be qualified in that trade themselves.
    6. This person oversees all assessments and will be responsible for making sure the apprentice gets the right training.
    7. We will appoint the verifier-this is the link person between the apprentice, SOLAS, colleges, training centre, examinations etc.
    8. You the client get real people, trained and skilled in your equipment.