In line with our strategic objective to become the leading provider of controlled environment services in Ireland we are delighted to announce that the Indoor Air Quality Services Division of HBE will transfer in full to Eirdata Environmental Services Ltd, effective from 21st December 2018.

As trusted specialists in Controlled Atmospheres, HVAC, Cleanroom Validation, Commissioning & Compliance, Eirdata have partnered with HBE in the delivery of IAQ services for some years now; supporting them from our bases in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

We have now entered the next phase of our partnership and have mutually and amicably agreed that the delivery of services in Indoor Air Quality will transfer to Eirdata.

These services include:

  • Validation and verification of Critical Ventilation Systems.
  • Building Wellness, Occupation Comfort and Sick Building Syndrome analysis.
  • HVAC Validation of Controlled Environments.
  • Aspergillus Sampling.
  • Analysis of Compressed Air for Breathing Purposes.

What happens next?

From 21st December 2018, Eirdata will now provide these services to existing customers.

HBE and Eirdata will continue to work closely together, to ensure a seamless transfer of the services, however this new relationship will mean that customers can now access a wider range of services provided by Eirdata, including but not limited to, Maintenance and Repairs, Filter specification & supply and Project works.

Eirdata General Manger, Bernard Yore is understandably pleased and commented:  “ All of us here at Eirdata are very excited to be entering this next phase on our growth and we look forward to meeting all the customers in the coming weeks and building on the positive relationships established with HBE.

Should you wish to contact Eirdata immediately to discuss any future projects, contact details are as follows:

Bernard Yore, General Manager, 021 4834330