Eirdata, partners with Aircuity, specialists in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), attended at an information event hosted by Arup , Cork.

Gordon Sharp of Aircuity outlined how many of our labs/offices/cleanrooms are using far too much air, leading to unnecessary and expensive energy consumption.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) or as Gordon described it Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), is now recognised as an integral contributing factor toward Employee Wellness, Health and Safety.

In recognition of this, Demand Control Ventilation is at the heart of Aircuity systems, with air quality being monitored every 15 minutes, allowing adjustments to be made as requirements change and pollutants are sensed.

As up to 30 rooms are sampled with just one sensor box, multiple sensors are not required. The need for calibration is reduced to such an extent, that you simply remove the box each year and fit another factory calibrated sensor box.

The used unit is returned for factory calibration, allowing it to be refitted in the next yearly cycle.