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  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling is aimed at maintenance personnel as they balance the need for cost effective maintenance delivery with the requirement to deliver availability and reliability of the maintained plant itself. Production is planned and scheduled and to optimise costs and non-productive time, maintenance too must be planned, scheduled and (key) integrated with the production schedule.
  • Maintenance routines – what we actually do to the equipment to maintain its availability and reliability are the core of any asset care plan and the planned/preventative maintenance program. Yet the origin of the content of these care plans can be lost in time, targeted inappropriately or just plain ineffective.

    Learn some basic theory behind a practical program, what are we trying to address, how is the frequency determined what tactics are appropriate? Answer these questions and many more and learn how to write practical maintenance routines that are targeted, unambiguous, efficient and effective.

  • This deep-dive course provides intensive coverage of the principles, practices and application of Asset Management for those seeking the IAM Diploma qualification in Asset Management. The curriculum covers all the required modules of the IAM Diploma and is also aligned with asset management standards (PAS 55, ISO 55000) and the GFMAM Asset Management ‘Landscape’, with a view to preparing students to sit the IAM Diploma in Asset Management examination.
  • The course provides an intensive coverage of the principles and practice of Asset Management. The content is aligned to PAS 55, ISO 55000 and to the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) competency framework, with a view to preparing students to pass the IAM Certificate in Asset Management examination. It is suited to experienced practitioners with industrial or infrastructure asset management responsibilities, who can relate concepts to their work environment.
  • This course provides extensive knowledge of best practices in the areas of maintenance, reliability and asset management and equips participants with the information required to apply these techniques, tools & principles effectively.
  • Boiler Operative Accreditation Scheme (BOAS) is an internationally recognised qualification for boiler operators and will help employers demonstrate that they have provided suitable and appropriate training to boiler operators and boiler house managers. It is recommended in BG01 that all boiler operators/managers be trained to the standard provided by the boiler operative accreditation scheme. The aim of this scheme is to provide detailed information relating to the correct operation of a boiler plant whilst in keeping with regulations and requirements.  
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