Cost: €490

Duration: 1 day

Date: 21 October 2019

Location: Dublin


At ESS we understand that there is no better way to train than on boiler equipment. This course is designed to teach building and facility maintenance personnel the basics of boiler operation, maintenance and safety.

After attending this seminar, you will be able to reduce the need for outside service contractors, while at the same time increase your confidence and comfort level in operating and maintaining your own boilers and because we know time is money, this seminar is designed to have immediate impact!


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of how a boiler operates
  • Understand both the power and the danger of steam
  • Identify boiler components and know what they do
  • Understand fundamental terms and concepts
  • Types of fuel and boiler combustion
  • Feed water and its treatment
  • Proper start up and shutdown of boilers
  • Safe boiler operation
  • Understand the major perils associated with boilers and how to avoid boiler accidents and explosions
  • Boiler controls and instrumentation
  • Be aware of Statutory, legal and recognised Best Practice requirements
  • Boiler efficiency
  • Environmental considerations
  • Management of Boiler house – regular testing and records


What you will learn

  • Properties of steam
  • Differences between High Pressure and Low-Pressure boilers
  • Primary boiler components
  • Differences between steam boilers and hot water boilers
  • Applications for Electric Boilers
  • Major perils associated with boilers
  • Common boiler accidents to avoid
  • All about furnace explosions
  • Dangers of low water conditions
  • How to inspect your Boiler
  • Preparation for Thorough examination
  • Conducting efficiency tests
  • Maintenance troubleshooting tips
  • Waterside and Fireside maintenance
  • Boiler design and construction codes and standards
  • How to safely and efficiently operate your boiler
  • Burner operations and combustion control systems


Who should attend

This course is designed for anyone who needs to understand fundamental operation of boilers in order to improve efficiencies and safety at their industrial plants and large building facilities. Individuals involved with residential hot water systems will also find this course extremely valuable.

Attendees come from a wide variety of industries, skill-levels, company sizes, and job titles.  Suitable participants include Building Maintenance Personnel, Building Engineers, Plant & Facility Maintenance Personnel and Managers, Apprentice Boiler Technicians, Energy Managers, Purchasing Managers, Any Technician needing to develop Multi-Craft skills


Assessment & Certification

Attendees will sit a MCQ exam.

A graded Certificate of Attendance with a CPD Credit of 7 hours will be awarded.


Trainer Profile 

Stephen O’Neill, ACII, Chartered Insurer, MBA, IEng

Qualified originally as a Marine Engineer, Stephen has worked in the area of boilers and steam for much of his working life. Marine experience ranged from the original closed feed steam systems with water tube boilers (ignited by hand with an oily rag!!) and Parsons impulse reaction turbines to the much more modern marine type vertical fire tube boilers and economisers.

Thereafter, as Engineering Inspection Manager for one of the major insurers for over 25 years, he was involved in the inspection and operation of boilers and steam systems, ranging from the largest of water tube boilers right across the spectrum to the smallest of miniature steam engines.

Stephen is a well-known figure throughout the engineering inspection industry, having close ties with all the major stakeholders and having served as a board member of the Safety Assessment Federation for many years.

Presently promoting a new inspection service, Stephen travels throughout the country offering CPD courses in Engineering Inspection to customers and brokers’ offices, large and small.  Education is key to the safety of plant and many employers and operators are simply not aware of what the requirements are.


For further information please email or call (061) 326921


This course is also available as an on-site customised course