Course Cost: €3,500

Duration: Full Diploma 26 x 2-hour virtual classroom teaching via webinar over a 9 day period

Dates: 21st – 24th September and 5th – 9th October 2020

Location: On-line

This deep-dive course provides intensive coverage of the principles, practices and application of Asset Management for those seeking the IAM Diploma qualification in Asset Management. The curriculum covers all the required modules of the IAM Diploma and is also aligned with asset management standards (PAS 55, ISO 55000) and the GFMAM Asset Management ‘Landscape’, with a view to preparing students to sit the IAM Diploma in Asset Management examination.

The course covers the 12 modules of the IAM Diploma in Asset Management qualification and allows for participants to commence from Module 1 or for those that have studied for the Certificate and feel confident in their retained knowledge of those modules to start at Module 7 (The IAM Diploma conversion course).

Module 1 – Principles of Asset Management

Module 2 – Asset Management Policy, Strategy & Planning

Module 3 – Managing Asset Life Cycle Decisions and Activities

Module 4 – Assessing and Managing Asset Management Risks

Module 5 – Financial and Business Impact

Module 6 – Practices of Asset Management

IAM Diploma Conversion course modules Module

Module 7 – Asset Management Information and Knowledge Module

Module 8 – Sustainable Asset Care and Performance Management Module

Module 9 – Managing Change in Asset Management Systems and Capabilities Module

Module 10 – Contractor and Supplier Management Module

Module 11 – Demand Forecasting and Capital Expenditure Planning Module

Module 12 – Methods for Realising Whole Live Value from Assets

This course provides the educational content and practical application insights that enable students to meet the exam requirements and add value in their respective workplaces.


The complete course is delivered through 26x 2 hour of intensive and interactive virtual classroom teaching via webinar, including reinforcing exercises and tests, supported by directed reading.

Benefits to participants  

The participant will develop an understanding of advanced concepts in asset management. They will develop a business-centred appreciation of Asset Management and will be better able to influence decisions and the performance of the organisation. The course is cross-disciplinary and helps to foster effective team-working and to break down departmental silos. The participant will be equipped to pass the IAM Diploma Examination.

Target Participants

Experienced practitioners with industrial or infrastructure asset management responsibilities, who can relate concepts to their work environment. Senior managers in any asset-intensive organisation. Those who are in or preparing for specialist or management roles in Asset Management. Experienced professionals from many functions within asset-intensive organisations, where the performance of physical assets has a significant impact on organisational performance.

Engineers Ireland – CPD Credits awarded 

CPD Credit – 52 Hours CPD   C1

IAM Examination

IAM Online Exam is available through OnVue, book direct with the IAM.