Providing asset optimisation & compliance through people

Asset Management Training

We’re a specialist provider of Maintenance, Asset Management and Technical Training that support organisations through Learning, enabling clients to maintain compliance, drive efficiency and continuous improvement. For over 27 years, we’ve partnered with clients, educating, mentoring and supporting people development.

Our training is a culmination and a merging of proven academia philosophies and principles with practical, hands on experience from the ESS team of SME’s. We strongly believe the partnership of academia and seasoned practitioners, is a unique value-added service we offer to all clients and results in improvements that are immediate, valuable and sustainable.

We run over 70 courses every year around the country, in hotel conference rooms and at clients site, delivering training to over 550 Learners every year.

We adopt a holistic and flexible approach to programme development that is responsive to a clients needs. We adopt a customer centric management philosophy, are value driven and support clients by delivering programmes of excellence that are sustainable over time.

Our courses are modelled around the following competencies: 

  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Application of Knowledge
  • Leadership: Technical, Commercial and Managerial
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Professional Conduct

 Our technical courses additionally consider:

  • Technical Judgement
  • Personal and professional responsibility
  • Safe working practices
  • Contribution to design, development, manufacture, commissioning, operation and maintenance of products, equipment, process and services.