Originating in the late 1950’s in Toyota, Japan, 5S has since been adopted by many western organisations, across all sectors.

Originating in the late 1950’s in Toyota, Japan, 5S has since been adopted by many western organisations, across all sectors. The basic premise of 5S is that personnel who work in any geographical area of the organisation (e.g. the manufacturing area, the QC laboratory, the reception foyer, the warehouse), have responsibility for the layout, workflow, cleanliness and safety of that area. 5S is an ongoing, iterative, five step programme that results in

  • improved workflow
  • improved safety
  • higher performing equipment
  • higher product or service quality
  • greater productivity
  • a high standard of housekeeping
  • greater customer satisfaction and
  • Lower costs.


At the end of this one-day workshop participants will

  • understand the basic principles of lean
  • understand 5S objectives, methods and how to ensure sustained implementation
  • be enabled to implement 5S in their own workplaces.

Course Contents:

5S introduction: 5 Pillars of an Effective Workplace

The First Pillar: Sort

Principle: “The Workplace should be furnished with only exactly what is needed, in the quantity in which it is needed, when it is needed – When in doubt get rid of it”

Sort Objectives

Sort – How To – Red Tag Exercise

The Second Pillar: Set in Order

Principle: “A place for everything & everything in its place”

Set in Order Objectives

Set in Order – How to – spaghetti diagram, shared toolboxes, shadow boards, ‘Before’ & ‘after’ maps

The Third Pillar: Shine

Principle: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

Shine Objectives

Shine – How to – materials, rota, audit

The Fourth Pillar: Standardise

Principle: “It’s part of what we do!”

Standardise Objectives

Standardise – How to – SOPs, induction programme, job script, SPC

The Fifth Pillar: Sustain

Principle: “Positive energy & effort is required to keep up the good work!”

Sustain Objectives

Sustain – How to -Management Support, education & training, 5S events

5S implementation in the workplace: tips for planning, implementing, troubleshooting and sustaining

Duration: 2.5 Hours


On successful completion of this course we will issue a Certificate to each delegate, which, are valid for 3 years.

Participant Profile: 

The course is designed for managers, supervisors and team leads in the organisation, regardless of discipline. The course is most effective if the participant has already been responsibility regarding 5S implementation in the department or organisation.

Course Cost: €390pp

Duration: 1 day

Date: TBC

Location: Dublin

Trainer profile

The course is presented by Bernadette Rushe from Cordatus Consulting. Bernadette has been involved in the management of supply chain and business process improvement activities for over 20 years. She received her Lean and Six Sigma training at Dell Computer Corporation. In 2001 she left Dell to establish Cordatus. Her consulting skills and practical workshops have yielded benefits in the order of several €millions per annum to client companies. She holds a first class honours master’s degree in supply chain management.

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