This course is specifically designed to cover the basics of boiler operation and safety for clients on their plant/sites.


This course is specifically designed to cover the basics of boiler operation and safety for clients on their plant/sites. It is an ideal introduction for all boiler personnel, particularly those on the fringes of boiler operation e.g., maintenance personnel, electricians, general operatives, apprentices, operations management, supervisors etc., or indeed as a refresher for long time boiler operators. It will give a through grounding in boiler operations, ideally preparing personnel for the more in-depth BOAS course and qualification.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, you will:

  • Be aware of the properties and power of steam
  • Understand how different types of boiler & their components are constructed and why
  • Understand safe operation of boilers and their associated systems
  • Understand boiler room layout and process systems
  • Have a basic knowledge of boiler feedwater treatment and the need for this
  • Have a basic understanding of boiler combustion and efficiency
  • Increased confidence and comfort level in operating and maintaining your own plant
  • Understanding of the legislation relevant to boilers and steam plant
  • Understanding of the requirements for regular thorough examination
  • Understanding of the need and reasons for non-destructive testing of boilers

What you will learn

In so far as possible we tailor the course to your specific boiler plant, and/or other requirements, often using a pre course site visit(s) to gather necessary information in this regard.

The course commences with a classroom session in the morning, taking participants though the steam and boiler basics as outlined. This session is fully interactive, encouraging participation throughout.

Most of the afternoon is taken up with a practical session, possibly broken into smaller sub-groups as necessary, demonstrating and allowing attendees to perform common and basic tasks required for everyday operation.

The final section reverts to the classroom and covers the legislative requirements relating to boilers and steam plant, also including elements of best practice as established by organisations such as CEA (Combustion Engineering Association), SAFed (Safety Assessment Federation) and steam specific entities such as Spirax Sarco. This ending session gives participants details of access to a wealth of information to allow them to further their training in their own time.

 What you will take home

Training manual – detailing all presentation material covered in the course. All the information you need from asking our instructors specific questions about your own equipment, or facility.

 Further Training

BOAS (Boiler Operative Accreditation Scheme) is an internationally recognised qualification for boiler operators and will help employers demonstrate that they have provided suitable and appropriate training to boiler operators and boiler house managers. Once certified candidates will be eligible to use the designations ‘certified industrial boiler operative’ (CertIBO) for operators and ‘Diploma in Boiler Plant Operation Management’ for managers (DipBOM).

Trainer Profile 

Stephen O’Neill, ACII, Chartered Insurer, MBA, IEng

Qualified originally as a Marine Engineer, Stephen has worked in the area of boilers and steam for much of his working life. Marine experience ranged from the original closed feed steam systems with water tube boilers (ignited by hand with an oily rag!!) and Parsons impulse reaction turbines to the much more modern marine type vertical fire tube boilers and economisers. Thereafter, as Engineering Inspection Manager for one of the major insurers for over 25 years, he was involved in the inspection and operation of boilers and steam systems, ranging from the largest of water tube boilers right across the spectrum to the smallest of miniature steam engines.

Stephen is a well-known figure throughout the engineering inspection industry, having close ties with all the major stakeholders and having served as a board member of the Safety Assessment Federation for many years. Presently promoting a new inspection service, Stephen travels throughout the country offering CPD courses in Engineering Inspection to customers and brokers’ offices, large and small.

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