Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers 3-day programme

The PLC is a vital element in modern industry and this course provides a solid basis for maintenance personnel to progress in this area. The course will complement and build on the trainee’s existing skillset, by exploring PLCs, a vital element widely used in Industrial, Commercial, Recreational and Manufacturing settings.

We recommend this course for anyone who has a need to work with PLC controlled systems as part of their work.  PLCs are a necessary requisite for those seeking to work in the manufacturing, environmental or services sector. If you can understand how PLC’s think and how they generate fault messages, then you can use them as a powerful diagnostic tool. The course is run using Allen Bradley Control Logix PLCs.

This 3-day Introduction to PLCs course is recommended for people who would like to enter maintenance and facilities management roles, equipping you with an entry-level knowledge and awareness of PLC controlled systems, in order to carry out basic electrical fault finding and repair.

This course is 80% hands-on and will be delivered through blended learning in a lab lecture structure. Active learning will be used to provide the attendee with problem-based teachings. Attendees are given exercises and will learn good coding structure and practice the code structures that are routinely seen in industry giving them marketable skills.

Who should attend
Maintenance personnel who would like to enhance their skills by using PLC logic as a means of diagnosing machine faults.

This is an interactive course carried out over 3 days.

No previous PLC experience or training is required (having a good knowledge of electrical systems is an advantage to learners)

  • The course will deliver an understanding of how a PLC system works, helping trainees diagnose and safely repair basic faults.
  • The course consists of both theory and practical elements.
  • All trainees will receive a certificate of attendance after course completion.

Programme Objectives & Learning Outcomes
On completion of this course, trainees will be able to:

  1. Describe how a PLC works and understand the operation of PLC system components.
  2. Write a basic PLC programme from a written brief.
  3. Describe the importance and uses of Sets/Resets, Counters and Timers.
  4. Understand the different Data Types that define the I/O used to develop programs.
  5. Store, Upload and Download programs to a PLC.

Duration: 3 Days.

Certificate: Vendor Certificate of Completion.

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