Measuring the condition of your equipment/buildings/processes, and then making an assessment as to whether or not they will fail in the future allows us to take the appropriate action to avoid the consequences of that failure. This is “Predictive Maintenance” and a key tool used for this is “Thermography”.

Thermographic diagnostics, in the condition monitoring field, is the discipline of utilising non-contact thermal information as captured by an infrared camera as an indicator to assess the condition of any item, equipment, building or process. This information is used to determine if there is a pending failure, allowing you to take corrective action before the event occurs.

Introduction to Thermography Course Objective

Thermography is the science of obtaining heat emitted from an object. If you are using Thermography or considering it’s use, this is the course for you. It is a practical workshop learning event which includes case studies designed to illustrate the benefits & pitfalls of using thermography – what it can and can’t do and therefore, what you should and should not do.

Thermography Course Content:

  • How it works: Thermography Refresher and where it fits in to an overall maintenance strategy
  • Health and Safety and where does your insurance company fit in?
  • How to decide what equipment to check and at what frequency?
  • How to implement a thermography program – PM plan & scheduling corrective action
  • Mechanical and electrical applications – Case Studies
  • Building systems, roof inspections – Case Studies
  • Analysing Processes, measuring temperatures, Locating Levels in Tanks, Vessels and Silos – Case Studies.
  • Insource or Outsource your thermographic requirements?
  • Reporting procedures and interpreting reports – what do they really tell you? Does a picture really tell a thousand stories?
  • Show me the money – How to show a return on your investment in Thermography

One attendee commented:“I found the course presenters’ hands on experience, knowledge and practical case studies really interesting. The main takeaway point for me was when applied correctly, by a competent innovative person, Thermographic imaging is a powerful condition based monitoring and troubleshooting tool”

This course is also available as an on-site customised course

Course Cost: €345

Duration: 1 day

Date: TBC

Location: TBC

Participant Profile

The target audience is for Maintenance & Engineering Managers, Reliability Engineers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Planners, Technicians, Crafts & Engineers. Participants may be new to Condition Based Maintenance or have some experience in the field but lack a fully structured understanding of how to use it to their advantage in the workplace. Previous delegates have come from a range of industries including pharmaceutical, food, electronics, oil & gas, utilities, health care and public sector.

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