Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)

Companies implement a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) program in order to perform maintenance on the correct equipment at the right time. CBM is based on using real-time data to prioritise maintenance resources to determine a piece of equipment’s health and perform maintenance only when maintenance is actually required in order to minimise the risk of downtime and spare parts costs.

At ESS Ltd. we believe that Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) or Condition Monitoring includes not only the classical condition monitoring techniques such as vibration analysis, oil analysis and thermography but also the human senses and plant data obtained from SCADA and control systems.

Condition Based Maintenance is often a cost-effective alternative to time-based maintenance – especially when equipment is subject to random failure modes.

The ESS Ltd. CBM team will work with you to identify where Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) can add value to your maintenance programme. You can then either carry out the condition monitoring program with your own staff or ESS Ltd. can assist you in developing a CBM program – either way you can be sure that you are not over maintaining your critical equipment because it is telling you when it needs to be maintained.

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