The pressure to do more

with less is all around us, particularly in the area of Maintenance & Asset Management. To most people, the whole area of maintenance and asset management is not lean and indeed is just a burden that the organisation must carry. Maintenance is not seen as what is should be: “an opportunity to improve equipment up-time, profitability and ensure the long term competitiveness of the plant”.

An ESS Ltd. Maintenance Evaluation

gives you an assessment of your current maintenance arrangements and subsequently describes what is required to make improvements towards a Maintenance Best Practice situation. The Maintenance Evaluation is a mixture of interviews, observations, information assessment and expert opinion. We build up a picture of your current maintenance situation across ten different areas of Maintenance Best Practice in a limited time and with minimal disruption to your day to day operations. We then work with you to put together a tailored, costed continuous maintenance improvement plan which will move you towards Maintenance Best Practice. You can then implement this plan yourself or we can provide assistance if required.

Our strategies have generated lasting cost savings and efficiencies with improvements ranging from a combination of one or more of the following elements:

  • 20% spare parts stock reduction or
  • 10% – 20% reduction in maintenance cost or
  • 3% to 5% reduction in plant downtime

To see how you compare

we use our extensive database of benchmarks including data from the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies.

At the end of the Maintenance Evaluation, a presentation along with a formal written report is given to senior management, highlighting maintenance strengths and weaknesses, and providing both short and long term actions for Continuous Maintenance Improvement CMI . The outcome is always practical and actionable.

  • The Principle areas of an ESS Ltd. Maintenance Evaluation are:
  • Characteristics of Plant Operation
  • Maintenance Administrative Structures
  • Existing Maintenance Objectives
  • Work Planning & Control
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Maintenance control
  • Maintenance Workload
  • Maintenance Documentation & Computerisation
  • Maintenance Resource Structures
  • Stores Management

The ESS Ltd. Maintenance Evaluation Service was developed by Professor Anthony Kelly, of the University of Manchester and follows the Business Centred Maintenance (BCM) Methodology. Our evaluation team is highly experienced and is led by our MD, Mr. Ray O’Neill.

What the Evaluation will do for you:

  • Reveal the true performance of your current maintenance organisation and systems.
  • Show the strengths and weaknesses of the maintenance organisation and systems.
  • Benchmarking: Compare your present situation with known best practice in other maintenance organisations.
  • Provide a clear and cost effective road map for Continuous Maintenance Improvement.

Knowing what’s working well and what isn’t within the maintenance function is an important step in securing a better future, for the future of the plant.