There are two approaches

to developing a Maintenance Strategy: a bottom up approach which considers all credible failure modes of maintainable items and a top down approach which starts off with the maintenance requirements for the whole plant then progressively breaks these down to unit requirements and then requirements for individual items. However in order to develop an effective Maintenance Strategy a combination of the two approaches is required.

Getting the right mix of Run to Failure

Condition Based Maintenance CBM (CBM), and Time Based Maintenance is difficult to achieve. The ESS Ltd. tried and tested Maintenance Strategy methodology will enable you to either review your existing Maintenance Strategy or produce a new strategy in a cost-effective manner. This new Maintenance Strategy will ensure your equipment achieves its inherent reliability and your company can compete effectively in its chosen market place.

The ESS Ltd. Maintenance Strategy

Development methodology looks at:

  • A Business Focused Approach to Maintenance
  • The role of Maintenance in relation to other Strategies
  • Maintenance Objectives
  • Maintainability, Reliability & Downtime
  • Principles of Preventive Maintenance
  • Failure Patterns
  • Preparing Life Plans for Systems
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)

The following benefits come from having a properly developed and documented Maintenance Strategy:

  • Provide a common awareness and understanding of the strategy
  • Set out the successful practices which will be used
  • Provide a framework for review and development
  • Provide a reference document which can be used as a structure for Maintenance Training