Emerging trends

Emerging trends in business functions such as IT and HR demonstrate that the outsourcing of strategic functions increases competitiveness and improves overall company performance. Additionally, Out-Sourcing some or all of your maintenance activities is an effective strategy in reducing overall costs.

Like all business functions, Maintenance must deliver results. At ESS Ltd. we will work with you to review whether out-souring some or all of your maintenance will improve your bottom line. Then we can work with you to select the right partner and structure the arrangements to minimize the risks and maximize the value to your business.

ESS Ltd. can manage all elements of your maintenance function

Maintenance Systems (CMMS / PMS), Resources (people, tools & spare parts), Management Expertise, Training and Analysis. We will Benchmark the above areas against Maintenance Best Practice in order to deliver transparent results, greater efficiencies and increase utilisation levels of your resources.

The ESS Ltd. tailored Out-Sourced Maintenance Service

is designed to satisfy your specific requirements. Through a defined SLA (service level agreement), we carry out the maintenance function on your behalf, whilst maintaining a seamless integration with your business, reducing your headcount and administration costs.

As experienced Maintenance Specialists we provide flexible resources including labour, premises, vehicles, IT, communications, management and supervision. At review meetings Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) on Budgets, Uptime, Downtime, Resource Utilisation and Preventive Maintenance (PM) are reviewed to prioritise operational issues.