Maintenance Systems

Maintenance Systems consist of computer databases of information about a companies maintenance operations. This information is intended to help maintenance workers do their jobs more effectively and to help management make informed decisions.

ESS Ltd. offers 2 different Maintenance Systems. They are as follows

1: OEE Software & Systems:

ESS is pleased to announce a partnership with OEEsystems which will see ESS providing OEEsystems’ PerformOEE™ Performance Management Software products, complementing ESS’s Maintenance Outsourcing & Asset Management Service offerings.

This partnership enables ESS Ltd to provide a turnkey OEE solution as ESS’s Customers can now benefit from an unrivalled combination of Maintenance Services, Asset Management and OEE Performance Management Solutions to monitor and manage Asset Performance.

What is OEE? OEE is a way to monitor and improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes and equipment.

OEE takes the most common and important sources of manufacturing productivity loss and analyses them across three main categories (Availability, Performance, Quality).

This gives unique, in-depth insights into the root causes of manufacturing losses and identifies and quantifies the potential improvements at all levels (machines, lines, resources).

OEE is a key metric in TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing programs, providing a consistent way to measure the effectiveness of these initiatives.


PerformOEE™ is an electronic software system that collects real time production data from all types of machinery showing you the availability of your equipment and process is, how it is performing and what is produced in terms of quality.

With OEE real-time monitoring and reporting, production managers get a clear picture of operational performance by machine/process/line/shift.

PerformOEE™ is the premier Manufacturing Intelligence and Advanced Production Scheduling software applications, used by the world’s leading progressive manufacturing companies as their preferred application for managing real-time operational performance improvement.

How does PerformOEE™ Work?

PerformOEE™ connects with production machinery and PLCs, monitors their status and associates it with the types of losses already assigned by the company.

PerformOEE™ processes this information, calculates the Availability, Performance and Quality metrics and provides reports on OEE per machine, process, line and shift.

Availability is calculated by tracking all unplanned downtimes caused by breakdowns, failures, material shortages, set-ups and adjustments.

Performance is calculated by tracking all speed losses caused by minor stoppages, misfeeds, jams, etc.

Quality is calculated by tracking all defective parts caused by improperly maintained equipment, operator errors and incorrect settings.

For more information, visit or email Ray O’Neill in ESS Ltd.

2: Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Are you looking for a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with ease of administration to make your life easier? We at ESS Ltd. provide a first in class CMMS system.

Our CMMS system consists of 6 modules:

  1. Asset Register
  2. Maintenance Manager
  3. Asset Care Plan Developer
  4. Performance Manager
  5. Materials Manager
  6. Identification and Assessment

What differentiates this Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) from the myriad of systems available is its ease of use, flexibility, analysis power and comprehensive functionality, together with rigorous development on the most current technology platform. The design of the Maintenance Manager is such that it is equally capable of running a plant with a limited number of assets as it is of running a large multinational, multi-plant conglomerate.

The Asset Register is the backbone of any computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS). In many cases the register can be difficult to maintain and inflexible leading to the Asset Register becoming both inaccurate and outdated. Here the Asset Register module is a multi level asset, multi site register that provides for complex asset configurations while it’s functional features allows for simple manageability.

Using an asset list divided into logical functional groupings as the skeleton of the system, the flesh is provided by easy to use functionality to manage and control the work identification and work planning requirements of an organisation. The maintenance manager not only provides standard operational functionality, but provides a total framework within which to administrate, control and optimise the asset care function. It boasts a rich portfolio of solution driven capabilities such as data analysis tools that allows for the identification of failure root causes & problem areas.

The Asset Care Plan Developer (ACPD) comes with the Maintenance Manger. This Module is based on RCM principles, offering a unique functionality that removes the grind from the asset register and maintenance schedule management. Assets within similar asset types usually have a large percentage of shared components so setting up component registers for these assets can be time consuming and tedious. Our ACPD addresses this problem by attaching maintenance tasks to components rather than assets. An asset is then ‘constructed’ using components drawn from its asset class. In this way the asset’s maintenance schedule is automatically created. Detailed analysis of probable failure causes per asset is also immediately available.

The key to asset performance is information. The Performance Manager module provides real time performance data and analysis tools that allow unique insight into the performance of assets allowing for immediately identification of areas where new levels of performance can be achieved resulting in increased output from less resources. The information from the Performance Manager forms the basis for identifying, prioritising and justifying any improvements by utilising the accepted measurement methodologies of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Overall Plant Performance (OPP).

One of the challenges organisations face is to manage how much capital it ties up in spares inventory. The Materials Manager module ensures the optimisation of stockholding and all transactions and processes associated with material management. Stock levels are automatically updated when any transaction is performed. Re-order levels and quantities are defined per stock item to minimise stock levels while optimising stock availability. The integration with the Maintenance Manager minimises administration by automatically creating requisitions once schedules are generated and approved.

The Identification & Assessment module allows users to download a multi level asset register onto PDA’s that can be physically correlated and updated while out in the field. User defined condition assessments can also be performed at the same time.

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