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Maintenance Resource Outsourcing and Recruitment Division

The ESS Ltd. Maintenance Resource Outsourcing & Recruitment Division has an extensive Resource Supply Database allowing us to recruit short term and permanent technical personnel quickly and cost-effectively.

Have you a requirement to Operate & Maintain or Outsource or Direct Recruit any of the following?

  • Engineering Managers
  • Process / Production Engineers
  • Stores Specialists
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Project Engineers
  • Multi skilled Technicians

Maintenance/Engineering Personnel

Should you decide to outsource your requirement for maintenance/engineering personnel, then look no further than ESS Ltd.

The ESS Ltd. Maintenance Resource Outsourcing & Recruitment Service allows us to bring together a team of flexible, motivated and productive Technical Personnel with the skills & experience to make a positive contribution to your company.

The ESS Ltd. team is designed and managed specifically to suit each customer’s needs and, if required, can remain at a facility on a long-term basis.

A dedicated ESS Ltd. Account Manager will meet regularly with you to review the quality and efficiency of our service and ensure all employee relations issues are dealt with proactively. Our account managers have exceptional people management skills and many years of industry experience which will allow you to focus on delivering your maintenance-engineering targets.

We review our service through agreed performance measures, to continually ensure that the quality of our service always meets, and indeed exceeds, expectations.

The ongoing development of our personnel is carried out through the extensive list of Maintenance & Engineering Training Courses provided by ESS Ltd. Training Division

Our Maintenance Resource Outsourcing & Recruitment Division has extensive experience in the‘Transfer of Undertakings’, both as transferor and transferee, in union and non-unionised sites, and can alleviate any of your concerns.

Proven Benefits of the ESS Ltd. Maintenance Resource Outsourcing Service include:

  • Our customer has the benefit of a team of maintenance personnel, specifically selected to match the requirements of the site.
  • Our maintenance personnel are skilled and experienced, motivated and productive.
  • Multi-skilled personnel are a core part of the service and we provide personnel at all levels – engineers, electricians, fitters, maintenance technicians, semi-skilled etc.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Our customers only pays for the hours that are worked.
  • Control – Our client can mix the resource levels and skill sets in line with the dynamism of the marketplace, so you are not locked into anything.
  • Flexibility – new technologies and change can be implemented as business dictates.
  • We bring knowledge of maintenance “know-how” and ways of working from our experience with other customers.
  • The ESS Ltd. account Relations Manager is responsible for handling all personnel issues for the ESS Team on-site, thereby reducing our customer’s burden.
  • ESS Ltd. is responsible for all aspects of employment – our customer does not have to administer payroll, pensions, or sick pay, etc.
  • Our customer incurs no cost in relation to the recruitment of personnel.

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