Providing asset optimisation & compliance through people


ESS helps EirGrid to achieve accreditation to ISO 55001 – the International standard on Asset Management

“We completed the Stage 2 audit last week and following this SGS have recommended that EirGrid Interconnector Limited (EIL) get ISO 55001 certified.  Thanks for all your help over the last 18 months, it’s been a long journey and we have set up a great Asset management system for the East-West Interconnector.  Thanks again for all your help. Regards, Eamon”

Eamon Carroll , Asset Manager, EWIC, 20th June, 2016


“Each week I give a short update on areas under my management to the Site Director and he summarises each area in a weekly update to all employees.

Please see below one of two  snippets from the last 2 weeks where your performance has been recognised.

I appreciate your effort in getting your areas of operation to a level that’s recognised at this level.” Operations Manager, Food and Drink Company.

Site Director Comments: “Excellent Performance – The OEE at 82.4% is the best performance recorded by the ESS team – well done!”

FMECA (Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis) 

“I felt it went really well. Paul is a great trainer. He has so much experience and can call on it for examples. Plus the videos he showed were very good. The fact that he gave the content on a USB was brilliant. I found the course very useful for me. In my secondary role as AM leader I have a few gaps that I need to fill in and that was one of them!”

Anne Howes, Covidien

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Workshop

“Really enjoyed the course, found it extremely relevant in my role (as I’m new to it).  Course content was very good, Tom delivered it extremely well.  Look forward to doing some future courses with you.”

Zimmer, Shannon Employee

ESS CMI in action – feedback from a maintenance manager…

“Since we introduced the CMI board and carried out asset criticality analysis here there have been improvements seen in the maintenance department, particularly in the planning & scheduling of work.

We still have slight issues on the production floor with requests coming directly from production to the fitters/electricians instead of going through the job request books but it is improving.

The Job request system, through the CMI board has been received positively on site. The main benefits we have found on this have been less distraction from production on requests throughout the day as we have made it clear they need to come through the request books. This allows full attention on individual jobs instead of being pulled away to another request.

The asset criticality was probably the best exercise we carried out, particularly in one of our areas. We knew we had some ‘show stoppers’ in the first part of the process but the analysis showed up some assets for other areas as much more critical as we would have placed them beforehand.

The main factor which we neglected was the increased labour (safety) factor which was brought about when certain machines stop.

Taking this on board we put together a PM plan for the critical assets, built spares for these machines and scheduled daily/weekly/monthly checks for these assets..

This, coupled with increased attention on downtime from management has driven stoppages on our main assets down, reduced mechanical/electrical downtime and increased our throughput.

The main benefits we have taken from the CMI and asset management training has been the ability to stay ahead off the game, scheduling much more work than we used to, and in turn preventing more failures than before.

For all of this to work Maintenance  and management had to agree on changing working hours & culture from before in order to gain the full benefit, which was and still is a struggle to get right.

We are still some way off where we aspire to be but are continuing to improve week on week, making changes where we feel necessary to the system we have in place.

On full review we have to say that through the training and various improvements ESS helped implement there has been definite progress made.

The most difficult part of the whole process is maintaining levels of discipline among everyone to ensure that the standards and processes do not slip. This is the main stumbling block we seem to hit and if we can overcome that, we are confident the system will work to the level we need it at.“

“Just a word of thanks to ESS and your trainer Michael Barrett for the above referenced course held in December.  We had very positive feedback from the staff and operators who found it very informative and I believe gave them a new found respect for electricity.  If they learned nothing other than that, then in my eyes it was a success!

I sat in with the class on the first day and was very impressed with the knowledge of the trainer and his delivery.  I’d be grateful if you would pass on our thanks and comments.”


Niamh McNulty, Health & Safety Manager


Coffey Group

Healthcare Company – Midlands


I would like to thank all of you in ESS for the support you have given us with your administration and supply of excellent Technical support.

You particularly excelled during our last audit in supplying Technical support at short notice , it no doubt did help with our overall achievements during the audit process .

Should the opportunity arise we will certainly be in touch with you again regarding supporting our technical resources  .


Engineering Manager

Oct 2013


ESS is a preferred training provider of Merck Sharp & Dohme (Ireland) Ltd. We have worked closely with MSD providing a broad range of training solutions.


Sample of courses provided:

  • Lean Best Practices in Maintenance Management – 8 Days In House Training
  • Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Workshop
  • In-house Boiler Operation, Maintenance & Safety Workshop
Merck Sharp & Dohme

Here is how Technical Manager Paul Ludorf described the Rottapharm experience of working with ESS Ltd.


“Rottapharm is very proud of its success at the recent European Strategic Manufacturing Awards as recognition of our Continuous Improvement efforts. One of our foundation ‘enabling tools’ has been TPM. Our ongoing partnership with ESS Ltd has made a solid contribution to these achievements. In 2010 along with help from ESS, we initiated a TPM Program, which we call Total Productive Manufacturing to emphasise the implied and necessary teamwork between Production and Maintenance


“We would like to acknowledge the role ESS has played in our success and hope that our relationship will continue long into the future”


Paul Ludorf Technical Manager @ Rottapharm

ESS have been a strategic partner of Green Isle foods* since 1993 and have continued to lead change in line with our business needs.


Along with ESS we have worked through many challenges including;

  • new product introduction
  • shift changes
  • increasing customer demands
  • human resource issues associated with managing a team of technical people in a high-volume 24/7  high pressure environment.


John Gorman HR Manager @ Greene Isle Foods