Maintenance routines – what we actually do to the equipment to maintain its availability and reliability are the core of any asset care plan and the planned/preventative maintenance program.

Maintenance routines – what we actually do to the equipment to maintain its availability and reliability are the core of any asset care plan and the planned/preventative maintenance program. Yet the origin of the content of these care plans can be lost in time, targeted inappropriately or just plain ineffective.

Learn some basic theory behind a practical program, what are we trying to address, how is the frequency determined what tactics are appropriate? Answer these questions and many more and learn how to write practical maintenance routines that are targeted, unambiguous, efficient and effective.

Participant Profile

The course is designed to meet the needs of maintenance professionals, personnel compiling and managing asset care, those driving availability and reliability improvement and/or maintenance standards, these typically include:

  • Maintenance Planners and deputies
  • Maintenance Manager/supervisors
  • Key leaders from each Maintenance craft
  • Key Operations Supervisors
  • CMMS Administrator or key users
  • Maintenance support assistants
  • Change agents and engineering business sponsors

Course Objectives

Learn how to

  • Develop asset care plans that can provide a holistic care package for major equipment
  • Determine appropriate tasks and frequencies
  • Write precise and unambiguous task instruction

Understand how

  • Maintenance tactics need to be appropriate to the machine, likely failures and failure patterns
  • To construct an Asset Care Package (ACP)
  • To collate ACP into practicable maintenance routines
  • Adjust the frequency of maintenance routines with confidence

Know how to

  • View all aspects of an asset care package
  • Produce effective and efficient maintenance tasks
  • Standardise Planned Maintenance Routines

Course Content

Workshop Agenda Day 1 


What is Maintenance?

Reliability and Availability

Understanding failure – the How’s and Whys of failure

What planned maintenance can and cannot do

Maintenance infrastructure

Adopting a Maintenance Strategy

 Asset Care Plans

The concept of Asset Care Plans

Age related and non age related failure and failure patterns

Techniques for combating age related and non age related failure

Maintenance tactics and how they apply

Determining frequency

Workshop Agenda Day 2

The Scope of Asset Care Plans

Planned Maintenance Routines

A “5S” approach to data management

Foundation Information – Asset Lists/Registers, Applicability, PM format

How to ensure the PM instructions achieve what they need to


A stepped approach to PM compilation

Capturing information

Tools and techniques to identify content

Using a range of data

PM Compilation Exercise



Review and discussion on outcomes

 Continuous Improvement


Application to candidates circumstances

NoteCandidates should bring a laptop or similar device capable of running Microsoft Office Excel (2007 or later).

Each candidate is given a copy of the Excel file to allow them to undertake the exercise and which they are free to take away and utilise in their workplace.

Trainer Profile

Colin Sanders, served an aeronautical apprenticeship as an aircraft mechanical engineering technician.  After serving his apprenticeship he progressed through trade (Licentiateship of City & Guilds) and supervisory management development (MISM, management and instructor training) to become a senior operational manager and planner.

In 1998, Colin became a professional engineering consultant and trainer specialising in maintenance and production improvement. With over 20 years commercial experience Colin has helped a range of clients in food and drink, FMCG, aerospace, automobile, oil and gas, utilities, general manufacturing and processing, engineering, pharmaceutical, and fabrication scenarios.

This course is also available as a public course for individuals or groups

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